Oxfordshire Live Logo “Thank you so much for amazing sound and an epic afternoon/evening. You did a fantastic job.” Anita Anderson, The Ibex Beer Festival

About Oxfordshire Live

Oxfordshire Live is a sound engineering/live mixing service working in the South Oxfordshire and West Berkshire areas since 2013. We offer live sound mixing and recording using a full 32 channel digital mixer and 32 channel digital recording. We are also able to offer Shure digital wireless microphones and a series of wired microphones from Shure, Sennheiser and AKG.

What do you need a sound engineer for?

That's simple - getting a better sound! We will mic or connect your instruments, whether that be drums, guitars, brass or keyboards individually as well as vocals of course. We'll then ensure all settings such as gain, compression and EQ are optimally set and then mix all these elements together to produce the final sound. What you get is a much better sound than individual amplification offers as all levels are relative to each other and can be quickly adjusted during a set if someone gets a bit loud or quiet for whatever reason. It's not simply about making everything loud but about getting the best sound from each part of your group and then bringing it all together.

What makes us different?

By using modern digital mixing equipment we are able to offer affordable live mixing with benefits such as doing most of the sound checks in advance of the main event as all settings can be recalled at the touch of a button. Also, with 32 seperate inputs, all aspects of your performance can be carefully controlled including EQ, gain and compression.

We can also offer multi-track recording so you can take your live performance parts (e.g. drums, lead guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, lead vocals and backing vocals) and mix them down at your leisure using one of the many packages available to produce your perfect recording. We can also provide you with the mix done on the night if you don't want to do any level tweaks!

How many people can you cater for?

If you wish to use our PA equipment, you've got three options available. Our basic system is a 2000W speaker system capable of outputting over 130dB of sound and can easily cater for events with 100+ people . Obviously, we can tone things down if appropriate!

Our next step up is our 4000W setup which can provide an extra 3dB of volume which may not sound a lot but it makes a difference! This setup will cater for 200+ people and would work outside, especially if lower bass notes aren't key.

Finally, we have our large PA which is 6000W and includes seperate subwoofers. We highly recommend this setup for larger venues and also outdoor settings. This setup will cater for 300+ people.

If you require a larger PA, we can of course hire one in however this will be be a directly passed on cost to you. Also, if you have in-house PA equipment we can, of course, make use of this.

We can work in a variety of venues too, including pubs and clubs, village halls and churches as well as outdoor spaces.

Mixer in use Three front men